Mystic Mist - Pillow Mist for Sleep

Mystic Mist - Pillow Mist for Sleep

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Have a hard time turning your brain off before bed? 

Give your pillow (or your wrist) a spritz or two of Mystic Mist!

Made with calming lavender and Melissa essential oils, this mist is meant to help soothe anxiety, and to help induce calm and relaxation.


Please do a patch test on your skin. Do not spray too much on the area, no more than one or two spritzes. Do not spray into your eyes. Spritz the mist on your pillow half hour before bedtime so that it's not too strong. Do not spray on animals. Make sure it is dry before any animals have contact with the spritzed area. Keep away from children, it smells good enough to drink, but please don't drink it!